Independent Stacker

Independent Stacker

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For any manufacturing and trading company, space has always been an issue and a never-ending challenge. Proper storage of goods is essential in order to have proper inventory control. Taking this aspect into consideration, we offer Independent Stacker for better management of goods so that during urgency, they can be easily retrieved. The mentioned stacker is a popular way to multiply the available space for proper material handling. With independent operations on each of the level, it can be operated simultaneously on two orders. Independent Stacker is available with five conveyor belt sections, auto pile change, down-stacking and accurate board count.

Key Points:

  • For stable conveying, AC servo motor & controller controls are provided that helps in synchronizing production speed and conveying speed.
  • Sturdily built to withstand diverse industrial conditions such as extreme temperature, excellent weight load capacity
  • Highly demanded because it helps in ensuring stable and neat stacking of the goods
  • Effective width, speed, length and height of the stack is designed based upon the length of stacker