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VRC Lift

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Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) Lifts – An Efficient Solution To The Transportation

Opting for the ideal lift for proper movement of products can be a complex task, but with our offered lift material of any size or weight can be easily moved from one level to another in a multi-story building. Also known by the name material lift, industrial lift and freight elevators, these provide an efficient way of raising and lowering goods, in comparison to ladders, stairs and other conventional options. Depending upon the type of application, VRC Lifts can be availed in different platform sizes, capacity of carrying load and travel height so that all the requirements can be fulfilled.

Benefits of using VRC Lifts

  • Installation can be easily done in an existing building or elevator shaft that is not in use
  • Easy to install and operate and does not require any maintenance for several years
  • Material of various weights and dimensions can be easily and safely transported
  • Minimizes the need of manpower, resulting in increased productivity
  • Ensures long lasting reliability and durability